Over the past year, the pet industry has successfully proved its ability to withstand challenges. In order to prevent a shortage of pet products, the industry went into "turbo mode". The confusion of 2022 has been replaced by drive and high performance. It was possible to feel the progress and see the achievements of the pet industry at the «ParkZoo 2023» exhibition, which was held September 20-22 in Moscow at Crocus Expo.

Scale of the event

Compared to last year, «ParkZoo» has grown both in area and in the number of participants. 215 companies presented brands from Russia, China, Turkey, Belarus, Italy, Serbia, Japan and other countries. The stands occupied two pavilions of the exhibition center - 11 900 sq. m. 

The share of domestic companies among the participants of «ParkZoo 2023» amounted to 81%.

Chinese manufacturers of pet products occupied 34 stands at the exhibition - and this is only half of the applications received by the organizers for participation from the Celestial Empire, there was not enough exhibition space for the rest.

Exhibitors' stands have also increased in area and complexity of constructions. For the first time at «ParkZoo», a stand with an area of 536 square meters was built.

«ParkZoo 2023» was visited by 12,219 people over three days, which is 12% more than last year. For easy movement around the exhibition, the organizers developed a convenient navigation system integrated into the «ParkZoo LEADER» app.

Main trends

The main trend of «ParkZoo 2023» is the emergence of new companies and brands in the industry. The share of "newcomers" amounted to more than 20% of the total number of exhibitors. Among them there are Russian and foreign companies.  

Russian companies demonstrate high production rates, so the domestic pet market is not threatened by a shortage of feed. It is noteworthy that many new companies and brands have entered the pet industry from related industries. For example, the company «Uvelka», which produces cereals, flakes and pasta, has already opened the direction of pet food.

Another trend is the desire of Russian producers to build their own plants. This applies both to companies that have long been known in the industry and to newcomers who want to fully develop in the pet business. This is the first time that «ParkZoo» presented such a large number of pet food production facilities that have already opened and are still under construction.

New Products Showcase

Traditionally, the section of novelties that appeared on the pet market over the last year was of great interest to participants and visitors. At «ParkZoo 2023», 170 new products, mostly domestically produced, were presented.

The most new products were expectedly in the categories «Dog Food» and «Cat Food» - 38 products in each. The second place is occupied by pet care products: 30 new products. In the category «Veterinary preparations» visitors saw 13 medicines. The categories «Cat and Dog Treats» and «Accessories» presented 12 products each.

Business program

The business program of «ParkZoo 2023» was primarily addressed to retail business specialists. It included a tour of the exhibition led by experts, as well as educational programs in the main areas of business: marketing, HR, and logistics. 

An important event of the business program was the Round Table on interaction of pet business and marketplaces. It was organized by the National Association of Zoo Industry (NAZ) and the industry media agency «Zooinform». The event gathered 130 participants, and the results of the discussion will help the National Association of Zoo Industry to defend the interests of the zoo business in the authorities.

Information and expertise

The booth of the industry media agency «Zooinform» became an expert center of «ParkZoo 2023». Visitors and exhibitors came to the stand for the latest market data and advice on promoting their brands. Also at the stand was Olga Levtsova, a top technologist in pet food development, who presented her scientific work on creating an ideal amino acid profile for cat and dog food.

Natalia Morgunova, Director of «ParkZoo», believes that the exhibition accurately reflects the situation in the industry: "This year «ParkZoo» was an 'exhibition of discoveries'. It presented the market with new names and brands, countries and producers. Many companies appeared, which began to offer not only products, but also service for their customers. I was pleased with the general mood of the companies at this exhibition: it is clear from their behavior and actions that, despite the situation, they are writing new scenarios for their development and are ready to implement them".

The next «ParkZoo» exhibition will be held on September 25-27, 2024.